1. What are the specialties in this mask...?
This mask is Reusable, with Anti viral filters. It has comfort, safety, and affordability.
2. What is the material made of..?
It has 2 layer fabric and 5 Layer Filters
3. What is the fabric made of ?
Outer Layer -  It is made of Hydrophobic finished fabric with high bending rigidity. It will restrict the entry of airborne particles. Also will not collapse.
Inner Layer -  It is made of Wicking finished virgin skin friendly fabric with Antibacterial finish durable for 25 washes.
4. What the filter is made out of..?
Filter is constructed with 5 layers of nonwoven material.
Layer 1&5 is of water resistance finished SSMMS fabric
Layer 2 - Supportive layer which holds the Antiviral coating
Layer 3 - Hydrophilic layer
       5. What is the specialty in Coating..?

The coating is made out of Copper and Activated Carbon infused in Cellulosic membrane film.

       6. What is cellulose membrane film..?

Its an natural coating material which is widely used in medical industry for coating of tablets, 

7. Why Copper is Added..?
Copper is a proven antiviral material, which is used in our ancient times to disinfect water. In India, the majority of cooking utensils were made in copper in the past.
We have taken cue from history and while we have done initial studies it gave us very good results. Hence we decided to go for trials and subsequent product development.


8. Why Activated Carbon..?

 Activated Carbon has a capacity to absorb the microbes, it has nano porosity which can with hold submicron level particles, gases and microbes. Also it has Methylene blue an active Antiviral material currently used in plasma therapy. 
Again we have taken this inspiration from our ancient times, we used to brush using charcoal in the early morning. Which eventually neutralize the microbes inside the mouth
It helps us to achieve our goals of complete protection against any kind of micro organism.

9. How good is this design...?
This design is included with Nose Clip and has high Quality Head bandwidth Adjustable strap.
The bottom Chin is specially designed and separated to give the best comfort and complete protection.
Inner Layer is designed with multiple functionality as it can hold the filter as well as absorb the sweat and saliva which comes while wearing the mask for a longer time.
It's a Snug fit model combined with best safety features

10. Is it a Medical Grade Mask..?
No. It's not a medical grade Mask. But medical Quality civilian Mask. Which meet most of the standards of the medical Mask 

11. How to Wear this Mask..?
There is a PM 2.5 Standard Antiviral Filter included in the package. This has to be inserted properly into the pocket inside of the Mask. While adding the filter to the filter pocket. It will become 7-layer protection.
Then it can be wear as usual with adjustable strap one can adjust the fit of the mask to Snugfit

12.How Affordable is this Mask..?
It's a bit costly, but still due to reusability and changeable filter makes it affordable in the long run. When we have 25 replacement filters, the mask can be upto 6 month under normal conditions.

13. How about the testings..?
Totally it passes 7+ Standards of Testing in Various international testing laboratories.
The Outer layer of the Mask is passed for Hydrophobic finish testing
The Inner layer is tested for wicking finish and remain anti-microbial even after 25 washes. 
Its passes the Flammability testing
With Filter added the mask passed the Breathability test too,.

14. What about the Filer ..?
The filter is Tested for BFE, PFE, SPLASH resistance test.

15. How about Antiviral Testing…?
The coated material is tested under IS 18184 standard and found that it kills Human Corona 229 E less than 5 Minutes times.

16. How about the lifetime of the filter..?
Each filter can be used up to 40-50 Hrs. of usage, Hence the user can wash the mask once a week and change the filter.

17. How many types available.?
Earlier we have launched the Reusable model with Earloop & Headband Versions.
Now we introduced 4 Ply / N95 & antiviral Masks.

18. Where and all it gets sold.
Currently, we are focusing on exports, Now majorly selling into USA / Australia / Swiss and the United Kingdom. In India, we will be launching soon with our partner networks.