6 Layer Protection

Copper infused nano film protective layer


Fluid Resistance Filter

Virgin hydrophobic Non-Woven layer with high water resistance which restricts airborne fluid particles that enters the mask from Outer Atmosphere.

Biodegradable Membrane

A natural polymer used in a wide range of medical applications, such as tablet coating. Coated with Activated Carbon & Copper Particles having proven antimicrobial properties.

Melt Blown Fabric

Superior Quality Melt-blown Fabric which can filter particles <98% with a size less than 0.3 micron 

SSMMS - High-Quality SSMMS particulate material

SSMMS - High-Quality SSMMS particulate material which can filter up to 0.3 Micron particles.

Hydrophilic Layer

Virgin Quality Skin Friendly Hydrophilic Layer which has Moisture absorbing capacity.